“Lync-Updates.” I kind of like that. Sounds catchy.

Anyway, I promised to post more on Lync Server 2010 as information became available. And so it has – lots of new information. Important stuff like pricing rates, licensing, and new Lync communication clients. Things OCS users and planned Lync users will need to know.

Lync Pricing

Lync Server is offered in Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Standard Edition requires that all the server components (and its database) be kept on one PC. What you'd expect for SMB configuration. Enterprise Edition allows you to separate the server components & database onto multiple PCs, using load balancing for better speeds. Very useful for larger businesses communicating via multiple offices.

Lync Server Standard Edition will cost $699; Enterprise Edition, $3,999. That doesn't include setup time of course. But these prices are holding steady at the same rates OCS 2007 R2 had.

With Lync, Microsoft lowers price of Office Communications Server – ITWorld

Also, the cost of individual licenses isn't included. Like all Microsoft server apps, there”s a license to use its client software. Or in Lync's case, three licenses.

The 3 Lync Licensing Levels – Standard, Enterprise,Plus

OCS 2007 had the Standard and Enterprise CALs. Lync Server 2010 is adding a third – the Plus CAL.

Standard CAL – Your basic individual license. It grants instant messaging,Presence, conferencing and PC-to-PC calls. You must purchase a Standard CAL before you can purchase an Enterprise or Plus CAL though.

Enterprise CAL – This license adds in more conferencing capabilities. Multi-party video conference, application sharing, support for joining a conference with a PBX or PSTN phone…that sort of thing.

Plus CAL – The Plus CAL licenses much of the voice capabilities in Lync. Like receiving calls from a PSTN line, call forwarding, and initiating a multi-person audio conference (Lync and PSTN lines).

Another great thing about these licenses is that the price for Enterprise and Plus CALS is only $107 – as opposed to the $139 you needed per OCS 2007 Enterprise CAL.

Microsoft's Lync Server Pricing / Licensing Page

New Clients for the Mac and the Web

Let us all welcome the Mac to the Lync family! Coming with Office 2011 for Mac will be a new Lync client. Communicator for Mac will ship with the new office suite (also available as a free download if needed) as part of Microsoft's strategy to bring real-time communication features into Office for Mac.

According to ZDNet, a new Web client is coming as well. OCS had CWA (Communicator Web Access), of course. The new web client for Lync however will be Silverlight-based. That should translate to a fast-loading client you can use on almost any machine (including mobile).

Microsoft to add Communicator client for Mac to its Lync line-up – ZDNet.com

There's the big news so far. No delay announcements that I've seen, so I'm still assuming we'll see Lync Server 2010 by the end of the year!

Any other news about Lync? Maybe you have some input of your own? Leave us a comment and let's talk about it.

Lync-Updates: Pricing, New Mac Client, Web Client

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