Just a heads-up – this is the “OCS Insider” blog. But I plan on talking about technologies related to OCS too. Like Exchange Server.

Which is why I”m linking to this article from InfoWorld.com –
First Look: Exchange Server 2010 Beta Shines

Yes, the beta for Exchange 2010 is already out.

InfoWorld publishes some pretty good IT articles, in my opinion. This “first look” is no exception – lots of information about the new beta in here.

My thoughts?

Refining most of the major services from Exchange 2007 – Great!

Dropping support for Windows Server 2003/Requiring Windows Server 2008 – Problem for cash-strapped businesses. With that in mind, I think it”s good that Exchange 2010 won”t be due out until late 2009. More time for upgrades later.

I also found this on Page 4:

“The Outlook 2010 client and OWA both will have conversation view, and both will include integrated instant messaging and voice mail. Voice mail includes a text preview of the recorded message, automatically transcribed using Microsoft”s voice-to-text engine.”

So Exchange 2010 will sharpen up the Unified Messaging side of things in Outlook. Nice.

If you want to try out the beta, download it here: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta

Exchange 2010 is in Beta Already!
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