Top 3 Questions People Ask Us Re: Exchange 2010

Sorry about not posting this yesterday. We”re embroiled in a big new client website (yay for that!).

Last week I blogged about the 3 most frequently-asked questions we get on OCS 2007. I promised I”d do the same for Exchange Server 2010, so here you go. We get easily the same amount of questions on Exchange 2010 as OCS. More sometimes. But far and away, these are the most common.

1. Is it out yet?
Yes it is. Exchange 2010 has been available in full release since November 9th. The RC has been out for a while now; if you run it, best to switch to full version ASAP. (Luckily the RC can auto-upgrade to RTM.)
Here”s Microsoft”s Licensing and Pricing FAQ for some help on that.

2. Does the Exchange 2010 Standard Edition support Archival and discovery?
It”s recommended that you use the Enterprise Edition if you want Archival and discovery. Archival for Enterprise has been delayed until Q1; I believe to test some additional workloads. But once it”s finalized, that”s a more secure, better-running bet.

3. What do we need for the upgrade?

  • A 64-bit-capable server. If you don”t already have one, that is.
  • Windows Server 2008 (or 2008 R2).
  • Backups of your existing mailboxes.
  • A day or two. (Really; it”s a fast upgrade.)

Pretty simple huh? All too often we skip over simple things though, assuming everyone else “gets it” right away. Dangerous assumption. Someone else may be distracted, or too busy, and they miss the obvious. So it pays to remind.

(By the way, another reminder – Exchange 2010 also works great as a hosted option. Email me if you want to hear about that!)

Next week, Top 3 questions we get on VoIP.

Got a question of your own on OCS 2007 or related technology? Leave a comment or email me.

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