Another gold nugget from the mine we call the Web. Exchange Server has posted a tutorial on backup/restore for Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Servers:

Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server Backup and Recovery –

As most of us already know, Edge Transport is the server role that relays emails in and out of your organization. It also helps protect against spam and viruses getting inside your network.

Why is backing up this server important? Because if it goes down, the other Exchange Server Roles:

  • Can't send email
  • Are unable to receive email
  • Are at risk from spam/viruses that may have made it into the network (maybe that's what crashed the Edge Transport server).

The tutorial gives very thorough steps for two types of Edge Transport backups: importing/exporting Edge configuration files, and backup/restore of the whole Edge Transport server.

If you host your Exchange servers with an ISP or consultant (like us), this is a perfect way to verify that necessary Edge information is being backed up. Just ask what kind of backups they do, and refer to this tutorial.

If your Exchange servers are in-house, this is an excellent reference for setting up/updating backup routines. Good for keeping those nagging “did we remember to backup X?” thoughts at bay.

Backup Exchange 2010 Edge Transport With This Tutorial
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