We interrupt our “Connection Tools” post series for a special announcement!

I went through the month of January, and (almost) didn’t mention the latest Lync Server updates from Microsoft.

There are two: One for Lync Server 2013, and one for Lync Phone Edition.
Lync Server 2013 Update – January 2014
Lync Phone Edition Update – January 2014

Can’t let January finish without calling these out, now can we?

Sign-On Troubles, Stability Improvements – What These Updates Do

I went through all of the listed updates (all 15 of them!). You’ll find an assortment of reliability/stability updates, fixes for issues either new or mentioned in previous CUs, and a couple new feature additions.

Most of the updates included in the Lync Server 2013 Update are:

  • Front End Service cannot restart if someone has a special character (such as @ or &) in their user address
  • The RTCSrv.exe Process crashes on Edge Server
  • Unified Communications API tries to access Exchange Server 2010 when a user signs on to Lync Mobile, causing multiple events to appear in Event Viewer
  • Can’t dial out or share a video in a Lync Web App meeting on Lync Server 2013
  • Enables support for “Operator Assistance” from the PSTN during a conference
  • Stability Updates for Web Conferencing Server, Conferencing Server, Core Components
  • Mediation Server can’t forward a call’s history-info header or the referred-by header to the PSTN gateway
  • The Response Group Service redirects calls to the queue overflow call action improperly
  • Users in Distribution Groups don’t receive Persistent Chat invitations
  • Fixes Listed in Prior Cumulative Updates: October, July, etc.

Updates made by the Lync Phone Edition Update are:

  • Voice distortion when you resume a call on hold by using Lync Phone Edition for Aries phones
  • Exchange integration fails, when an Exchange mailbox is enabled for Exchange Online
  • Multiple updates from previous Cumulative Updates governing Polycom phone usage

Even if you do not have any of these problems, I encourage you to apply these updates ASAP. We all know how valuable it is to stay up-to-date. Minimizing the chance problems may occur.

Bonus Update – Lync 2013 for iPhone

There’s more! According to iClarified.com, Lync for iPhone has been updated as well.

It now has full iOS 7 Support. As well as the added ability to view PowerPoint presentations during a Lync Meeting (a notable feature it previously lacked). Lync for iPhone is not quite as full-featured as Lync 2013 for desktops–but it comes close. IM, meetings, calls, all covered by Lync Server’s security.

If you already use Lync on your iPhone or iPad (like me), you’ll have received the update by now. If not, search for “Lync” in the App Store.

Now, you have a few updates to make, right?

We’ll be back next week with the Lync Connection Tools series. Will it discuss Online Directory Synchronization, or OCSUMUtil? You’ll have to join us back here to find out.

Lync Updates for January 2014: Server 2013, Phone Edition and Lync for iPhone All Updated

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