I'm back! I'd talk about my trip, but it's not OCS-related.

However, we did get a few responses to last week's query. The majority were questions about Communications Server “14.”

And as luck would have it, we have something to discuss along those lines!

Brent Kelly of the “No Jitter” blog posted a VERY thorough overview of Communications Server 14 on Sunday. (With pictures!)

He obviously gleaned much from the TechEd conference. The six-page article is a comprehensive discussion of CS14's capabilities, changes from OCS 2007, and so on. Read it for yourself here (but after you finish this post!):
Under the Hood of Microsoft Communications Server 14 – NoJitter.com

Really, I can't do a better job. All I want to do today is give a thumbs-up to Brent for his good work. And highlight a few of the points from his article here.

Four More CS 14 Features to Note

  1. The “physical server requirement” that hampered OCS 2007 has been removed. CS14 allows you to host many of its servers on one physical server. Instead of four.
    • (This is a separate consideration from the virtualization I mentioned last time. Virtualization is not necessary in this case – but you can still use it.)
  2. CS 14 will support E911.
  3. You'll be able to control the whole CS 14 from its new Silverlight-based Control Panel Interface. Configuration, routing, and policy rules are all accessible from there.
  4. The “contact card” that shows a person's information has been expanded. It also comes up when you hover over the contact's name, instead of hitting Alt+Enter as in OCS 2007.

Finally, just something for OCS fans to remember. An official name for the next version of OCS has not been officially announced yet. So far, all the names by which this version's going are:

  • OCS 2010
  • Communications Server 2010
  • Communications Server “14”
  • “CS 14”

When the official name is announced,you'll see it right here!

A Peek at Next Year's Model – More Features of Communications Server 14

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