The other day, Microsoft announced that 30 partners had announced Lync-compatible hardware currently in beta. This was referenced by this morning's press release from snom Technology announcing that its snom 300 phone will be compatible with Lync 2010.

That's when I first heard that the list included 30 other partners.

Now, I expected a few beta partners already. But 30? Encouraging!

It didn't take long to rustle up a more complete list of those 30 partners. (We're not on this list because we don't manufacture hardware. We will be evaluating it and selling the best devices to our OCS/Lync clients though.) They're on the Lync Server 2010 Partners page.

But since you're already here and comfy, I'll work through the list by category. And put down my thoughts for each.


• Polycom CX 600
• snom 300
My Thoughts: Microsoft also announced that they had 5 Lync-compatible phones. Some made by Polycom, some by another partner not listed here. (I didn't get the name, sorry.) Good for snom on joining the party!


• Jabra BIZ 2400
• Plantronics Voyager Pro
My Thoughts: We haven't tested many headsets, so my thoughts here drift toward consumer reviews on similar products. From what I've read, both of these companies are highly-regarded for headset clarity. So, no reason to doubt these won't be good quality too.


• Audiocodes
• Brocade
• Juniper
• HP
• Ferrari Electronics
• Wortell
My Thoughts: We recommend Juniper more than HP; they perform better for our small- and mid-market clients. A Juniper gateway is in place on our OCS 2007 setup, in fact. If there's any issues with Lync (which I doubt) I'll report them here.


• Verizon
• Interoute
• Thinktel
• Global Crossing
My Thoughts: I'm glad more major telco providers are on the SIP bandwagon. VoIP should have had this much attention years ago. C'est la vie.


• 911 Enable (Connexon)
• Intrado
My Thoughts: It's extremely valuable to have two 911 provider partners here. This is not an aspect of ANY phone system that should be left to one provider alone,for any reason.


• Blue Position
• Clarity
• Clearway NMS
• Computer Talk
• Convergent
• Enabling Technologies
• FaceTime
• Formicary
• Geomant
• ISI-Info
• MetalForming
• MindCTI
• OSIsoft
• Post CTI / Live-PA
• PrairieFyre
• ProtonMedia
• Telerik
• Telrex
• Twisted Pair
• UnifySquare
• Wortell
My Thoughts: This is a list of software partners – no hardware here. But I included it because I saw Telerik on the list. We use and recommend their Sitefinity CMS for all our web development clients. If they're making software for Lync,PlanetMagpie WILL check it out and report back.

And last but not least…
PlanetMagpie isn't on the official Lync partner list yet. But we WILL be a partner! Just like OCS 2007, we will provide hardware setup, implementation and support for Lync 2010.

More Lync “inside info” as it comes along!

Who Will Make Hardware for Lync 2010?
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