We had a bit of quiet time on the blog, didn’t we?  Sorry for the vanishing act folks.  But I’m happy to say it was all worth it.  Behold, the all-new PlanetMagpie.com!

PlanetMagpie IT Consulting Website

PlanetMagpie.com V4
PlanetMagpie.com, Rebuilt for 2016

(I think I need to try out a full-screen WordPress theme…)

The new site has lots of new content and resources.  For instance, our new Skype for Business datasheet!

It also includes a pass-through back to this blog.  Totally mobile-friendly UX.  We even have more upgrades on the schedule too, like a presentation module (lets you choose what content you want displayed on a custom page).

Stop by and let us know what you think!

IM Missing Messages Error

I did further research, but a solution to this error evades me still. We’re going to submit the issue to Microsoft Support and see what they say.  If you have any screenshots or logs pertaining to this error, please email them to me and I’ll include them.

I did however come across this thread in the TechNet Forums:
Lync Conversation History Issue – TechNet Forums

The issue: A user didn’t see their conversations saving in Conversation History.  Not the same as messages going blank after you miss them, but close.  Eason’s response, selected as the best Answer, contains several procedures for resetting Conversation History.

I do not know if these will work to restore your missing messages.  But the procedures are worth a shot, since they deal with the same elements in Lync/Skype for Business.  If you do try them out, please comment below on their success/failure.

Skype4B for Mac Preview – Client Troubles

Another update came out for Skype4B for Mac in late July. Then another last week.

Features added in the latest builds:

  • Screen sharing monitor picker displays actual monitor layout.
  • Unread conversations are now badged in the chats pane.
  • Spell check support during chat.
  • Contacts menu will be enabled and populated when a contact is selected.
  • Chats can be deleted in the chats pane.

It’s definitely still in beta.  Installing the update actually locked up my test Mac!  Unfortunately, this latest version now refuses to let me log in.  I filed a report as such, but it meant I couldn’t test the latest build.

By this point I thought the Skype for Mac client would have reached RTM stage.  Or at least finished its preview stage.  It seems not.  I’m still holding out for a full-version Skype for Business on the Mac by year’s end.  Let’s hope we see one!

What do you think?  How’s your experience been with Skype4B for Mac Preview?  Please comment or email your thoughts.  And join us back here next week!

An All-New Company Website, Missing Messages Update, and the Skype4B for Mac Preview Status

2 thoughts on “An All-New Company Website, Missing Messages Update, and the Skype4B for Mac Preview Status

  • August 14, 2016 at 11:31 am

    Re. Login issues with the Mac preview client, try this:

    • Quit Lync
    • Delete the following file :
    ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Microsoft Lync Data/AccountProfiles.dat

    • August 17, 2016 at 8:32 am

      Thanks Gordon. Unfortunately this fix didn’t help me, but I’m beginning to think the problem originates on the Mac I’m using. All other readers, please give this a shot if you’re having Skype Preview client login troubles


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