Short post this week. I’m preparing a year-end poll for next week, so make sure to stop by before you head out for the holidays!

The Blog Title Will Not Change as Teams Grows (But We’ll Have More Teams Content)

An astute reader sent me this question…

“Now that Teams will get all of Skype for Business’ features, will you focus on Teams in the future?”

They didn’t sound terribly worried…just wanted some clarification. After all, we did change the blog name from “Lync Insider” to “Skype for Business Insider” in 2015, when the software changed.

However, we’ve decided to keep the blog as it is. For two reasons:

  1. While Teams IS gaining importance & market share, it’s still limited to Office 365 users. Skype for Business doesn’t have the same limitation. It will still need attention & support.
  2. Skype for Business will live on as Skype for Business Server 2019. (I’m very much looking forward to that!)

That said, we will have more Teams posts on the blog going forward. You’ve seen (and hopefully enjoyed) the Teams-related posts this year. As the software matures, I’ll continue to play with it, test out new features, look for solutions to issues, etc.

Bridge to the Future of Skype4B
Bridge to the future, for both Skype for Business and Teams!
Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

I’m also talking to some of our vendors & partners for additional device reviews. Those remain some of the most popular posts. Plus I like trying out the cool hardware.

New Domains for Teams Fans

Following the blog’s renaming, we picked up a new domain to match it: Now that Teams is here to stay, we wanted to do the same for Teams fans.

I’ve just purchased two new domains:


They aren’t pointed to the blog just yet. But they will be shortly.

If you’re a Teams fan, you can use these URLs to reach the blog, just like you would Please share them around!

Teams Gets Calling to External Phones Already!

I’ll close out today with a link:
Microsoft Teams gets calling to external phone systems functionality – ZDNet

The first part of Teams gaining Skype for Business functionality has just arrived. Now Teams users can make calls from within the Teams client! You will need the Phone System add-on (formerly Cloud PBX) and a Calling Plan (formerly PSTN Calling). Otherwise your calls won’t go anywhere.

No Call Park yet. Or calling from Teams to Skype Consumer. Oh well, something to look forward to!

Don’t forget to check back next week for our year-end poll. Until then…
What do you think about Teams getting external calls so quickly?

Will This Become the “Teams Insider” Blog?

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