I spent yesterday at the Web 2.0 Expo. (It's still going on, go see!) While there I talked with reps from Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, O”Reilly Media, a new TLD (.CO), and several different cloud-based software companies.

It gave me a lot of information on where the IT industry is going in the next few years.

As far as anybody knows, the coming business trends will look like this:

  1. More competition in the social media space.
  2. Social apps becoming social business platforms.
  3. Cloud computing becoming an integral part of business operations and offered products.
  4. Software-as-a-Service growing into Platform-as-a-Service at all levels of business.
  5. Mobile already on its way to becoming a central piece in marketing strategy.
  6. Touch interfaces becoming commonplace.

And I thought, where does OCS fit into all this?

I brainstormed on this a bit on the BART ride back. Somewhere in the tunnel I thought of using the new OCS 2010 for an Exhibit A.

Competition? What Competition?

Now, the big thing with OCS 2010 is that it's intended to act as a completely Voice-over-IP replacement to PBX phone systems. Given that every business uses phones , there's clearly a need. But how many companies are responding to it?

Here's the really interesting part. At the Web 2.0 Expo, I only found TWO companies offering a voice over IP solution: MangoSpring and babyTEL. babyTEL's solution is for Web applications like Facebook. So it's complementary to OCS,not a competitor. (And I'm not sure about MangoSpring.)

Is OCS 2010 the Voice Option for Platform-as-a-Service?

OCS 2010 is coming into Web 2.0/3.0/whatever-version-it-is-now as the vanguard of a potentially-huge trend: VoIP in the cloud. (Yes,it can run as a managed service just as easily as local.)

So let's look at those trends again. More competition means more communication. Social business platforms will need voice. Cloud-based VoIP? Check.

And for the last point: the new Windows Phone works with OCS via Office Communicator Mobile. So mobiles are covered too.

It looks like OCS 2010 fits in pretty well with the IT industry of tomorrow. In fact, I think it'll be the centerpiece for business communication in the coming years.

What are your thoughts on the Web 2.0 Expo? On OCS 2010? Leave a comment, let us know.

How Will OCS 2010 Fit into the Cloud
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