So we know what the 2010 version of OCS will be called… “Lync Server 2010.”

(Anybody else think of a wild cat wandering through snowdrifts?)

The Promised Capabilities of OCS – PBX, Hosting, Call Transfer

Microsoft announced the new name – and a new release candidate – on Monday. Lync Server touts the major advantages OCS 2007 led up to, such as:
VoIP Phone System. The big one. Full-on PBX replacement. PlanetMagpie's looking forward to this one for all the fixes and new capabilities included. It means faster turnaround for our IT clients.
Virtual “Face-to-Face” Meetings. This means you can extend voice calls with video conferencing, desktop sharing and (of course) IM. Effectively creating a meeting environment without the meeting room.
Hosted Option. While we've done this for a while (and will continue), the upcoming Lync Online will provide a hosted version as well.
Transfer calls from PC to Mobile. And this is just cool.

Does This Mean “OCS Insider” Won't Fit?

And I'd agree with Microsoft Research – the naming is much easier to work with. Before, the server was called “Office Communications Server” and the client was “Office Communicator.” Easy to blur those together, right?

Now the naming goes like this: The server is “Lync Server 2010” and the client is “Microsoft Lync.” That's easier to differentiate. Catchier too.

The Future is Lync

So what happens to me? This is the OCS Insider…and it looks like that term's going by the wayside. It's the same technology, but a whole new brand. Should I change this blog's name?

I'm considering “The UC Insider” since Unified Communications isn't going away. Putting “Lync” anywhere near “Insider” comes too close to “Lync-In” for me. Way too corny.

If you've got a suggestion, please put it in a comment.

Resources for the New Lync Server

Here's Microsoft's Lync homepage:

And some resources for you to read (courtesy of Tom Keating's “Goodbye Microsoft OCS Hello Microsoft Lync!” post):

Lync Server 2010 is slated for general release by the end of 2010. New blog name or not, I'll have more announcements as they come available. So don't go away!

The Next Version of OCS is Lync Server 2010
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