There’s so much information in the new Lync 2010 Training Package that I had to dedicate another post to it.

As promised, a second comparison of its training lists. As this package is geared toward training users on the Lync 2010 client, we’re talking about the Help Desk list today.

Training List 2: Help Desk

Last post I pointed out that each of the training packages is based off a “standard set” of materials. FAQs, Quick Reference cards, introductory How-To videos, and Self-Paced Training.

With Help Desk, we see how Microsoft adapts the training package for different roles. Specifically, 2 more resources included above this standard (1 new, 1 at higher priority).

A. The addition of “Help Desk Troubleshooting,” a 110-page reference document for common Lync client problems.You’ll find guidelines for everything from “(Sharing) Participants See a Black Window” to “Agent Unable to See Some Response Groups.”

The Troubleshooting document alone makes this worthwhile. It’s a great keep-on-hand reference. Our Support department has already used it to help a client. (I may pull some how-to’s for future posts in fact.)

B. The Instructor-Led Training mentions go from “Optional” to “Strongly Recommended.” Often the only difference between training lists is what priority each material element is assigned. However, because the Help Desk will field most of the (initial) support calls, it’s important they be fully informed on Lync’s capabilities.

If you want to see what’s available for Instructor-Led Training, look here. There are four courses (registration required, but free):

  1. Introducing Microsoft Lync
  2. Best Practices for Microsoft Lync Conferencing
  3. Facilitating a Successful UC Rollout
  4. Effective Conferencing with Microsoft Lync: Transitioning from Office Live Meeting

How to Start Lync Training with the Instructor-Led Courses

These 4 are the only courses for the whole Lync Training Package (at least for now). You’ll find them, at different priority levels, in almost every training list.

I don’t think all of these benefit the Help Desk most, though. Pick and choose which are the most relevant to the role you’re training for.

Here’s what I would suggest: Use the Instructor-Led training in the following order (by role).

  • Executives and Information Workers sign up for 1 & 2 in succession
  • Information Workers sign up for 3 & 4 afterward
  • Early Adopters sign up for all 4
  • Help Desk signs up for 1, 2 & 4
  • New Hires and Admin-Receptionists sign up for 1

This way everyone receives at least an overview. From there, more technical roles take on more technical training. All without disrupting everyday workflow.


Next week – we’re talking about Archiving Server. The recent post on Monitoring Server got a lot of attention, so I’m tackling its cousin. Watch for it!

Examining the Lync Training Package – Part 2

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