A few days ago OCS 2007 users couldn”t get online. Right after Patch Tuesday. OCS just refused to work. Why?

Turns out it”s a bug with a new patch. KB974571, to be exact. Once it went live, it started blocking OCS and Live Communication Server installs. Reporting that “the evaluation license has expired.”

If this only happened to evaluation copies, that might make sense. (KB974571 was supposed to help with spoofing.) However, like a well-meaning but overzealous mother, it disrupted full-version installs as well. Enough that Microsoft escalated the bug to a Known Issue.

Doug Deitterick at TechNet Blogs posted this warning last week: Do NOT Apply KB974571 to LCS/OCS Servers.

So if this all went down last week, why am I blogging about it today? It”s because we”re still receiving support calls. Apparently some offices were able to limp forward with partially-working OCS servers, unaware of KB974571”s effect.

And also because the patch hasn”t been fixed yet. Right now, uninstalling the KB974571 patch is the only way to fix the problem. (OCS snaps right back when you do it, too.)

If your OCS 2007 and/or 2007 R2 haven”t worked since last week, check your server for KB974571”s presence. If you have no communications capability, it”s a safe bet that the patch is the problem. Uninstall it. Or call us to uninstall it,if you”re in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Microsoft”s Security Bulletin on this issue: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/974571

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OCS Not Working? It May Be KB974571''s Fault
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