It’s not just businesses

Lots of people are talking Lync these days. (Seems like I’m fielding questions via email and Twitter every other day!)

Some news articles about Lync adoption this week got me thinking about this. About all the places these conversations come from.

You might assume businesses would make up the vast majority of Lync Server inquiries. (I did at one point.) But, you’d be wrong.

Yes, businesses are adopting Lync Server every day now. But other organizations are as well – and the variety of reasons they have for choosing Lync Server are all over the place.

So today’s post is about the non-business organizations who use Lync Server. What types of organization they are, and what benefits they draw from adopting Lync.

Not sure if your organization should try Lync out? Uncertain of how its tools would help you? Maybe these examples will give you some ideas.

(I won’t name names, unless I’ve already been given permission, or media citations exist. PlanetMagpie protects the privacy of our clients and our prospects.)

Organization Type 1: Schools & Universities

The University of the West England in the UK has deployed Lync Server 2010. Primary reasons? Use of voice telephony, and meeting collaboration. Perfect for large university campuses.

Even high schools are getting in on the action. Remember our recent guest post on Custom Presence Status? Mr. Christie, its author, works for the High School of Dundee in Scotland. They’re deploying Lync to make communication between teachers and offices much easier. (IM doesn’t disrupt students too much during class.)

Organization Type 2: Religious Organizations

There’s a lot of structure to religious organizations. It makes sense that they’d need a solid way to keep in touch with constituents, and fellow organizations.

We’re working with a Catholic office which is looking at Lync for giving presentations and VoIP. It’s a lower cost than using a PBX, and having on-the-fly presentation ability in-house saves them time when hosting guests and running classes.

Organization Type 3: Non-Profits

Non-profits exist in many shapes and sizes. The number we’ve spoken to have Lync needs just as varied. A charity is implementing Lync to bridge a communication gap between its main office and three branch offices. A hospital on the East Coast asked us about which Lync phones are best in high-traffic environments. We even had a non-profit which ran all Macs and iPads asking us about Lync Server!

Organization Type 4: Governments

Last month, the Argyll and Bute Council in Scotland adopted Lync Server for use across 60 separate locations. According to this TMCNet article on the adoption, the Council wants to use Presence and video conferencing for flexible remote work.

More locally, a county Transportation Authority here in California told us that they’d switched to Lync. They wanted training help on all Lync aspects. That was part of reason I blogged about the Lync Training Package (Part 1) (Part 2).

Organization Type 4: International Firms

Almost half of the emails to this blog come from overseas. Hong Kong, Europe, South Africa, you name it. The organizations vary from businesses to non-profits to charities.

VoIP is the big request with these firms. Especially when it comes to Skype. The recent purchase & integration announcements have either encouraged Skype-using international firms to consider Lync…or they’re a bit nervous and want some reassurance they’ll still have Skype’s functionality post-integration!

I find the international attention really encouraging, since it means so many more organizations worldwide are exploring Lync Server.

Many Organizations, Many Uses for Lync Server

When potential clients come talk to us about Lync Server 2010, they’re usually zeroed in on one aspect of it. We want the VoIP, they’ll say. Or, we heard Lync does web conferences.

It’s fun to watch their eyebrows rise when we tell them everything ELSE Lync does.

If you don’t have Lync Server yet, did this post give you ideas on what benefits Lync can bring? Which service are you most looking forward to?

Who Uses Lync Server?

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