Yesterday Microsoft released a big group of patches. 34 of them in fact; Microsoft”s biggest Patch Day ever.

As far as I can tell, this update does not include patches for OCS. But it does patch Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server, and Internet Information Server (IIS). All of which are important to OCS 2007”s function. So I definitely recommend patching ASAP if you use OCS. Or even if you don”t.

The Security Bulletin is available here:
With full details on what software is affected, why, and how critical the patch is.

All of the patches are available on Microsoft Update. If you want to download them directly, you”ve got a few options:

  • Click the “Affected Software and Download Locations” subhead for a categorical listing. It”s divided up by Windows System, Office Suites, Server Software, Developer Tools & Security Software. Locate the software you want to patch under its appropriate category and click the download link.
  • Click the “Detection and Deployment Tools and Guidance” subhead for links to two more options – the Download Center & the Update Catalog.
    • There”s guidance on updating servers under here too.

Chances are if you use Microsoft servers, you already knew about this batch of patches. I highlighted it just in case it got lost/delayed in the shuffle. Server and database patches can prevent a lot of nasty things – like the server crashing and not waking back up. Let”s skip that,shall we?

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If You Use OCS 2007, SQL Server or Windows Server 2008, Get the Latest Patches

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