In November I posted a collection of how-to videos for Lync Server.

This month, someone has one-upped all of those.

Kevin from Macro Connect emailed me the other day to tell me about his new video series. He’s named it the “Lync Complete Training Guide” Playlist on YouTube.

After watching videos and reading his documentation, I told him I would happily blog about it. You’ll see why in just a moment.

What To Expect – Setup Videos and Documented Specs is a Detroit IT firm. One of their specialties (like ours!) is supporting Lync Server. Where I blog about it, Kevin created a video series explaining how to setup Lync Server 2010.

Here’s the playlist URL: Lync Complete Training Guide Playlist – MacroConnectLync. It’s 31 videos, average viewing time between 3-5 minutes each.

But that’s only half the guide. Kevin has also posted documentation for each video at his website:
Lync Complete Training Guide Documentation – Macro Connect.Net

The documentation is a follow-along for the videos. Each video has a link to its documentation section in the Description. Pretty high-value stuff.

Who Should Watch – Lync Pros and Support Pros

The training videos and documentation are geared toward Lync administrators, help desk personnel, and anyone who’s looking to fill these roles.

Some technical skill is assumed for the audience. Basic knowledge of Windows Server environments for one. Understanding of Lync’s primary functions, as well.

Kevin is thorough, and gives details fast. He does use Macro Connect’s FQDNs, number extensions, and PSTN gateway. Take all this into account; your setup will obviously differ.

I recommend you use the videos as the last review stage in training. The documentation is there to refresh your memory, and the videos give you a visual reminder.

What it Covers – Step-By-Step Lync Server Setup

You start in at the very top – basic server setup, SIP connections, etc. From there, the videos run through the Lync setup process, from prerequisites to server configuration. Most of the videos are devoted to configuring Exchange Server, Lync Front End, and Lync Access Edge.

The reason for documentation becomes obvious fast: the screen is not very visible in YouTube, so you can’t always see the Lync setup options selected or numbers typed in. The documentation provides the specifics you’ll need, all laid out in bullets.

(Especially useful when you’re dealing with Management Shell commands!)

Special Note: There is one section in the documentation list which does NOT have a video. “ADDING EXCHANGE UNIFIED MESSAGING ROLE TO VSERV2” is between “Configuring AD on vserv1” and “Install Exchange from Scratch on vserv2 – Stage 1” in the list.

The documentation does appear correct for adding Exchange UM. But Kevin has six videos in the list for installing Exchange Server – which you need to do first, before installing Unified Messaging! So, keep that in mind.

I like that he covered configuring Lync Mobile and locking down the Lync Server environment . He even ends with some ideas on custom Lync programming in Visual Studio, too.

From here of course, you’ll need to add Edge servers, Mediation, Monitoring/Archiving and so on.

Kevin’s series gives a detailed method for setting up the foundation of Lync Server. If you want a video reference for a typical Lync install, these are a great choice. Thanks for all the work Kevin!

Again, here are the links:
Lync Complete Training Guide Playlist – YouTube
Lync Complete Training Guide Documentation – Macro Connect.Net

What would YOU like to see in a Lync video?

31 Lync Training Videos from MacroConnect

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