While updating our monthly newsletter, I came across a blog post that told me the release date for Exchange Server 2013 CU1. Finally!

If you’re a server administrator, chances are you’ve been waiting too. Good news – you only have to wait one more week.

What is CU1, and why are we waiting?

Short version is, CU1 enables coexistence with older versions of Exchange.

Microsoft released Exchange Server 2013 for new installations already. But in order for administrators to migrate user accounts from, let’s say Exchange 2010, you’d need two additional pieces of software:

The two pieces interlock, letting both Exchange Servers communicate back & forth.

We have 2010’s Service Pack 3 already. We’re waiting on 2013’s CU1.

When was CU1 expected?

Microsoft said they’d release in Q1 of this year. No specific date, just “1st Quarter”.

Since we’re at the end of March, Q1 is passing by. People have clamored for CU1, waiting patiently (and some not-so-patiently) for the update that will let them finally upgrade to Exchange Server 2013.

CU1’s Current Status: Release Planned for April 2

According to the Exchange Team Blog…
Exchange 2013 RTM CU1 Status – Exchange Team Blog
CU1 will release April 2nd. Next week.

They found an issue, and chose to delay release so they could fix it. Their reasoning is sound; if you find an error, fix it before releasing the product. That way you’re only burdening customers with a slight delay, not a configuration headache.

One of the post’s comments says that documentation for upgrading & coexistence with Exchange 2010 will be released the day after, April 3rd.

You’ll find both Cumulative Update 1 and its documentation (the next day) at the Microsoft Downloads Center.

We’re cautiously optimistic that we will indeed see CU1 RTM on the 2nd. If so, great–we have a few Exchange migrations waiting on it! I’m sure many of you are eagerly awaiting the release too. Let’s all hang on just a little bit longer.

If you’re preparing to install Exchange 2013, use this:
Now Available: Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant – Exchange Team Blog
The Deployment Assistant will help you plot out instructions for deploying Exchange in your organization.

Please note, it’s limited in its current options to new installations. Right now, the deployment scenarios “Upgrade from Exchange 2007” and “Upgrade from Exchange 2010” are listed as Coming Soon. Hopefully they’ll arrive in time with CU1.

EDIT:  Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 1 has been released, as of April 2nd. Released: Exchange Server 2013 RTM CU1 – Exchange Team Blog
However, the Exchange 2013 Deployment Assistant has not been updated as of today. Upgrade scenarios are not available (yet).

Next week I’ll have my annual field report from the Cloud Connect Expo in Santa Clara. Dozens of major vendors with new cloud services and products.  Are you attending? If so, look for me in a PlanetMagpie polo. I’d love to chat!

Exchange Server 2013 CU1 is Coming Soon

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