Sometimes I train Lync clients once their new system is set up. Along the way, several questions keep popping up.

I thought I’d write them out this week, along with their answers. In case you’re called in to train some new Lync users.
In no particular order.

If you’re attending a training session soon, this post should help you answer a few of your own questions…and maybe show you other things to ask about.

1. What can we do with it (Lync Server)?
Usually the very first question asked. It’s also the most important. Since Lync Server provides almost every form of electronic communication, people are naturally curious. Can it do voice? How about a live conference? It can? Wow!

2. How do we make a video call?
Adding video to a call excites a lot of people (it’s not hard to understand why, of course!). I refer you to the How To Lync site for a good step-by-step process.
First Video Call – How To Lync

3. How do I enter all my phone numbers?
Open the Lync Options menu. Click Phones on the left. You’ll see a list of phone fields, with buttons named “Work Phone”, “Mobile Phone”, etc. Click the button you want, type in the phone number and click OK. Repeat for all the numbers you like.

Check the box next to “Include in my contact card” for each number you enter. Then, click OK at the bottom to save.

4. How do I transfer calls to my cellphone?
When you have a call open in Lync, click the Transfer arrow in the conversation window’s bottom right corner (blue arrow pointing right).

A menu will come up giving Transfer options. Click your smartphone’s number (it should be under Mobile, where you entered it) to transfer the call.

You can also transfer to other contacts by clicking “Another Person or Number” and specifying which contact (or number).

5. How do I add contacts?
To add a contact, type the person’s name or email address into Lync’s main search box (between your picture and the contact list). When their name comes up, right-click it. Click Add to Contacts List. Done!

6. Can we call outside numbers with this system?
It’s a common perception that a VoIP system cannot dial out to non-VoIP numbers. It’s also false. A VoIP line can call any phone number you want.

7. So if the Internet goes down, the phones go down?
Yes, unfortunately. The one weakness of VoIP. So, keep a cellphone charged just in case.

These questions – and others like them – show that users engage with Lync pretty fast. Once you show how it gives them voice calls, IM, conferencing and so on, they’ll take it and run with it. My training sessions are always fun as a result.

If you train users on Lync, what are some questions you get asked?

7 Questions From a Lync Training Session

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