I woke up yesterday with an awful toothache. Had to go in for emergency treatment. Consequently, I was unable to attend yesterday’s Lync E911 webinar (the one I mentioned on the 18th).

So, sadly, I have no webinar review for you, my readers. I have contacted Connexon, the company who put on the E911 webinar, to ask for any recordings or transcripts they have available.

As I said on the 18th, E911 is a critical part of Lync Server that isn’t talked about too often. I will blog about it before the year’s out (maybe on changes made to E911 in Lync 2013…). But I also want to present some information from Connexon, as they did the work to create a webinar on it.

Sorry about this, everyone! I will keep you updated on what I hear. Hopefully I can still bring you a webinar review post in the near future.

As always, check back next week!

No E911 Webinar Post This Week – I Missed It
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