Quick post this week, as most of you probably have one foot out the door already!
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For those of us who have co-workers taking time off around the Thanksgiving holiday, we see them drop from Lync. Availability goes to “Away” (or “Off Work” if you’re using Lync 2013). They aren’t signed into Response Groups.

But wait. Do you still have the standard hours listed in those Response Groups? If a customer calls in when no one’s there, they won’t have any warning (and no one available to help!).

The solution? Add a holiday hour set to Lync’s Response Groups.

How to Create and Enter a Holiday Hour Set for Lync Response Groups

Brian at the BriComp Unified Communications Blog has written up a simple guide to creating hour sets for Lync 2010 (and 2013). You’ll find his post here:
Creating Holiday and Business Hours in Lync 2010/2013 Response Groups – BriComp UC

Brian has done most of the work for you. Copy the hour set and PowerShell commands he’s written out, modify them as you like, and enter them into Lync Management Shell using his instructions. Probably take you about 10 minutes.

Why Set Holiday Hours in Lync? Everyone Stays in the Loop

Not only do holiday hour sets keep customers in the loop, but they also keep Lync Server on the job. Activity usually decreases during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas anyway (unless you’re in retail!), so adjusting your Response Groups means people are receiving calls when they’re available. And not when they aren’t.

While you’re doing this, enter a holiday hours set for 2013 too. That way you won’t have to think of it later; everything will be in place when we reach Thanksgiving 2013.

PlanetMagpie IT Consulting wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see you all next week!

Set Holiday Hours for Lync and Enjoy Your Thanksgiving
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