After some delayed-due-to-holiday Windows Updates, I noticed the new Meeting icon in my Lync 2013 client (far right, in blue).

Tab Icons in Lync 2013It had changed! It used to be the wedge-cut circle (what many Lync users called the “Pizza Wheel”), and now it’s a more traditional calendar. Why?

A little research pointed me to Ken’s Unified Communications blog: July 2013 Update for Lync 2013 Icon Weirdness
And the Mastering Lync blog: New Lync Meeting Icon #MissingLyncPizzaWheel

It stems from an issue with DLLs containing new icons. These DLLS were located in Windows Update, not Lync’s Cumulative Updates.
(I agree with Ken – that’s a little inefficient.)

But the new Meeting icon’s here now. So, what do I do with it?

Any Meetings Today? What the Meeting Icon is For

The Meeting icon displays any meetings you have scheduled for today. Performing a function most users expect to see in Outlook.

By itself, that’s handy. It means I can scroll through my Lync client for the day’s meetings, as well as see who’s available to talk, and if there are updates to my followed Chat Rooms.

This is the main purpose of Meetings View – unifying the workday’s various connections inside of Lync 2013.

Can we get anything more from this Meetings View tab though? Let’s see.

How to Use the Meetings View Icon Throughout the Day

First thing – check Meetings in the morning for any meetings that day. You may already know a meeting’s scheduled, but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself.

Can you join the meeting online? Hover your mouse over the meeting time. If a “Join” button appears, it’s an online meeting you can join via Lync Meetings. Click Join and you’re in. This is a good efficiency boost, compared to joining via Outlook invitations in the past.

(If you don’t see “Join”, well, you’re due in the conference room.)

Is there any more to Meetings? Yes – but you won’t find it in the Meetings View tab. It’s in Lync’s Options.

Go to Tools –> Options. At the bottom of the options list you’ll see “Lync Meetings.” Click, and behold:

Lync Meetings Options Menu

You have three options. Each option alters the Lync Meeting window when you’ve joined a meeting. They are all turned off by default, but re-enabling them is as simple as checking a box.

  • Do you want to see the Chat Window during a meeting? Yes? Then check “Show IM”.
  • Do you want to see the Participant List in a meeting? Then check “Show the participant list”.
  • And finally, do you want to use a different version of Lync than the one you’re on now for meetings? (Only useful for users often on the go.) If so, click the “Change…” button and you’ll be presented with the available Lync 2013 clients. You can select which one you want to use for Meetings (people on the go may choose Lync Web App).

When you’re done, click OK.

Updating the Meetings View is exactly what you’d expect – Microsoft implementing new efficiencies in the Lync client. A better user experience means users need to think less about Lync, and more about their work.

Now if only Microsoft could fix their icon standards…

We’ll take a holiday break from Christmas to New Year’s (and we encourage you to do the same!). Next week, join us back here for the last post of 2013.

Will it be on Monitoring Server? Predictions for Lync Server in 2014? You’ll have to come back next week to find out. See you then!

Did the Meeting View Icon Appear in Your Lync 2013? Here's How to Make Good Use of It
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