Don’t Worry, Lync Insider Isn’t Going Anywhere

While on the hunt for ever more Lync Insider topic ideas, I browsed through my blog list. There’s a lot of good Lync blogs out there: Justin Morris on UC, Jeff Schertz’s Blog, Lync’d Up, NextHop…

Wait a second. What’s this I found at NextHop?

“…as Microsoft moves toward frequent updates across all Office products, we’ve decided to consolidate future blog posts to the Office blogs platform ( and technical content to the Lync library on TechNet.”

Consolidated? Why would NextHop consolidate? Seems to me like other Microsoft blogs should consolidate into NextHop, not the other way around.

Speaking of, it seems that the Lync Team Blog is also merging into Two major Lync blogs going from focusing on Lync Server’s many capabilities, to becoming one voice among the many Office technologies.run1

On the surface it does make some sense. With Office 365 growing, Lync has gained attention as part of the online Office suite. Its Lync Online option gives some users an affordable way to use some of Lync’s main functions.

But from the comments left on NextHop and Lync Team Blog, it’s clear many of us do NOT like this! Not only does it diminish Lync’s stated importance, but many users don’t want to use the public cloud/Office 365. They’d rather keep Lync on-premises. See for yourself: NextHop Blog is Being Consolidated – Comments

I don’t blame you at all! On-premises Lync Server has more options & more power than Lync Online. Losing these blogs means we lose resources. I’m not happy about this one bit.

Right now, Lync Server is known by two versions: on-premise Lync Server 2013 and cloud-based Lync Online. It’s gaining popularity on both fronts. And complexity, as more Skype technology is intermingled. The next version of Lync Server could introduce major changes for Web-based communications. Our community has summits, conferences, thousands of members worldwide…and lots of questions.

We don’t need fewer Lync-devoted resources. We need more!

Restating Our Commitment to a Quality Lync Server Blog

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Our primary focus is (and will remain) on-premises Lync Server. Though we will cover all Lync-related material as needed, including Lync Online, SharePoint integration, hardware, etc. All to benefit our understanding & use of Lync Server.

As a welcome for any new readers joining us, here are some links to some of our popular posts:

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We’ll return next week with posts on using Lync as a remote desktop tool (like LogMeIn). See you then!

Lync Blogs are Disappearing – Right When We Need More Resources!

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