We’re deep into a BIG website development project right now. Enterprise-scale site taking shape under our fingertips. So I don’t have a whole lot of time for a Lync Insider blog post today.

Not to worry though! There’s a lot of great discussion happening out there related to Lync Server. Time for a little Lync Love, so you can enjoy it too!

Lync Link 1 – Justin Morris.Net:

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Configure Unique Conference IDs in Lync

I love Should We/Shouldn’t We discussions like this. It’s easy to see the value of using the same Lync Conference ID all the time – but it’s also easy to see the wisdom of enforcing unique Conference IDs for each meeting, too. It has a previous post linked as well, with a how-to on conference security. Go check it out!

Lync Link 2 – The Windows IT Pro Blog:

Understanding DNS Load Balancing

A detailed walkthrough of Lync Server’s DNS Load Balancing. I like that the author stuck to common consistencies of DNS load balancing between Lync Server 2010 and 2013.

Very good post; if you aren’t familiar with DNS Load Balancing, this post will help you understand. (And even if you are familiar, it’s a great refresher.)

Lync Link 3 – ZDNet Zero Day Security Blog:

US Cloud Industry Stands to Lose 35 Billion Amid PRISM Fallout

International competition can be a very good thing for an industry. And I can’t say I’m surprised by the backlash over PRISM. (We don’t like it either!) Maybe this will turn into a boon for Lync Server adoption – after all, if it’s locally hosted or in a private cloud, it’s a secure form of communication. Lync 365? Not so much.

On the other hand, the PRISM backlash might just drive companies to use the cloud overseas, thinking that the location means they’re safe from surveillance. Warning you right now: there is ZERO guarantee a public cloud in Italy is safer than a public cloud in the U.S. If you want secure cloud service, you need to go private.

(Plug for our Private Cloud Service, which can be – and is – used to host Lync Server 2013 systems.)

Let’s close this post with a question. If you use cloud service now (or are planning to in the future), where will you host it? And will it be public or private? Why?

Lync Love: Discussions on Lync Conference Security, DNS Load Balancing, and Cloud Safety Uproar