Microsoft has announced something many Lync users have clamored for – connectivity between Lync Server and Skype is now available.

For what? What does it do? Well, how about:

  • Adding Skype contacts into Lync, and Lync contacts into Skype
  • Instant Messages between both platforms
  • Making calls between both platforms

For starters?

Microsoft’s announcement has details and instructions on how to use the new connectivity.

2 things to do first: Provision with Microsoft, and Configure Lync Server

Hold up though! We have to configure Lync Server a little before it’ll talk to Skype properly. There are two things to implement first.

One: Provision the Lync Server for Public IM Connectivity (PIC) with Microsoft.

Briefly, you will have to report some information about your Lync Server to Microsoft for PIC provisioning. To do this you’ll need your Microsoft agreement number, Access Edge Service FQDN and SIP domain.

These are used in a Provisioning Request for use rights. The guide below has the steps to follow.

Two: Configure the Lync Server to accept Skype connectivity.

Once your server is provisioned with Microsoft, it’s simply a matter of setting up proper Federation & PIC in the Lync Server Control Panel.

Both of these steps are documented here: Provisioning Guide for Lync-Skype Connectivity: Lync Server 2013 and Lync Online – Microsoft Downloads

Grab that document, your SIP information, and pretty soon your users will be able to talk between Lync and Skype!

And this is how they’ll get started. By adding Skype contacts into Lync.

How to Add a Skype contact in Lync

  1. In the Lync window, click the “Add a Contact” icon (the small icon just above & to the right of the contacts list; looks like a person with a plus sign).
  2. Go to “Add a Contact Not in My Organization”. A menu will appear to its right.
  3. If your administrator has completed configuration, you’ll see Skype among the options. Click Skype.
  4. Enter the IM address (the contact’s full Skype address, including domain –
  5. Under “Add to contact group:” select the group to which you want this contact to belong.
  6. Under “Set privacy relationship:” set the level of privacy you want. This governs how much of your Presence information is visible to the Skype contact.
  7. Click OK. Sit back and watch the new contact appear!
  8. From here, you can get a hold of the Skype contact like every other Lync user. Double-click and start talking!

Don’t forget the provisioning.  Configuring Lync Server for Skype connectivity is easy…but it won’t work without provisioning in place.

Connectivity between Lync and Skype contacts is Step 1, I think, of merging the two platforms completely. What form will that take? Well, I have speculated on this before…but for now, I’m glad we have interconnectivity as a start.

Lync-to-Skype Connectivity is Here. But Don't Forget the Provisioning!

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