Halloween is here! Hope you have some ghostly activities coming up.

For many businesses, the end-of year rush starts in November. Budgets to review, security to check, support tickets to address.

So I thought today was a good time for a reminder: Patch your servers before year’s end!

Microsoft released a bunch of patches for its application servers, these past couple months. Cumulative Updates for Lync, Exchange Server, SharePoint and others.

If your network automatically patches servers, you’re all set. If not, these are the latest server patches from Microsoft (with URLs for your easy download):

You Wouldn’t Want Zombie Servers, Would You?

Take a moment and put this in your calendar:1440371_30143697
“Current patch version on Lync Server/Exchange/SharePoint? Check. Update if necessary.”

Schedule it for November 3rd. Set it to remind you every quarter. Your Lync Server will thank you.

Not patching is what leaves servers vulnerable to slowdown and attack. You wouldn’t want any servers to suffer a malware infestation or a hacker break-in, would you?

There’s plenty of zombies coming to the streets on Friday night. We don’t need any more in the datacenter.

Have a safe and happy Halloween! We’ll see you back here next week.

Reminder: Keep Your Lync Servers (and Other Application Servers) Patched

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Keep Your Lync Servers (and Other Application Servers) Patched

  • October 30, 2014 at 1:48 am

    “You wouldn’t want any servers to suffer a malware infestation or a hacker break-in, would you?”

    And you wouldnt want to break your entire enterprise corporate telephony platform, just because you applied the patches 1 day after release, and realize holy Microsoft dont really test their patches before release! So as a result, you need to read Lync blogs at 3am like crazy to find another unlucky bastard who faced the same catastrophe that you are experiencing, as you applied the latest patch “too soon”, before some impatients / inexperienced beginners have burnt themselves for the benefit of the rest of community.

    Every story has 2 sides my friend, in these times of MS constantly pulling back patches month after month, especially regarding Windows and exchange, advocate blind patching of MS infrastructure is similar to commit suicide.

    • October 31, 2014 at 7:51 am

      Thanks for replying. It’s true that applying patches too fast can result in server chaos. Sometimes applying patches at all can do that–we’ve had that happen too! But as these patches are all stable & have been out a while, I think we’re pretty safe advocating their use.

      As always, with all software updates, administrators are advised to read release notes before patching. Doesn’t hurt to do a quick search on the patch number either. As you say, it could potentially save some grief.


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