Yes, we’re talking both Teams and Lync today. Old and new.

First, the Teams part. Microsoft continues to expand Teams’ capabilities as the weeks progress. I saw a tweet yesterday from Randy, of the “Randy’s Lync and UC Blog,” talking about the MS Teams May 31 update in his latest post.
Microsoft Teams Update 31st May 2017 – Randy’s Lync and UC Blog

Naturally, I went & had a look.

Current MS Teams Updates, as of June 8

The Teams May 31 update included:MS Teams Settings

  1. Invite people to Teams via chat: Sending non-Teams-users a message will automatically email them with a New Message notice. The email also includes a Teams signup invitation.
  2. [Coming Soon] Manage app behavior on startup: Adding 3 new settings to the Microsoft Teams Settings/Application window. These settings give you options for launching and closing Teams.
    • Teams launches automatically when the computer starts.
    • Teams launches automatically, but stays in the background. (Teams defaults to starting in the foreground otherwise.)
    • Teams keeps running even if you close the window.

Randy reported that he already saw this update in his Teams app. Checking Twitter, I found the same thing for most other users. So I’d consider this a ‘live’ feature.

Yesterday, June 7, saw another update. From the Microsoft Teams Release Notes:

  1. Improved files experience: Look and feel for your OneDrive file library in the Files app is updated to match the Files tab in Teams’ channels. Cosmetic stuff.
  2. [Coming Soon] Group Chat Naming: Gives you the ability to name a group chat even before you send any messages. When you create a new chat, you’ll have an Expand icon, which when clicked, shows you a name field. Using this, you can fork an older chat into a fresh conversation, and differentiate between the two.

I don’t see this naming option yet, so it is still coming. Seems useful though…how many of us have needed to revisit an old topic? Different names give us an easy way to start fresh, without starting over.

Now, we are in June. So I hope the external-user access functionality is almost ready…

Poll: Still Using Lync Server?

Let’s close out today with a poll.Teams, Skype, or Lync?

I read through my social media yesterday, checked some notes…and a question hit me. I saw a post about someone still using the Lync app on their Mac, even though the company had moved to Skype for Business last year. (They apparently didn’t know about the Skype for Business on Mac client.)

I thought, “How many people are still using Lync Server in 2017?”

I would hope the answer is “very few” or “none.” But this one tweet illustrated otherwise. So I dug around, looking for statistics on current Lync usage. As in, businesses or organizations still using Lync Server 2013 in recent months.

I used to sing the praises of Lync Server on this very blog. And for the time, I was justified–the software had immense power, enabling almost every possible communications medium.

Technology waits for no one, however. Nowadays the Lync system is out of date and a bit troublesome to use now. Especially when you have multiple alternatives (all of which are more recent and safer to use!): Skype for Business Server, Skype for Business Online, MS Teams, even Slack or Workplace.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find many hard numbers on current Lync usage. At least so far. No big surprise; even Microsoft pushes anyone still on Lync to upgrade.

So let’s gather some! I’d like to ask you, our readers, what you’re using. Please select a result from this poll.

[yop_poll id=”10″]

(Comments are welcome, of course.)

I’ve posted a similar poll on Spiceworks, if you’re a Spicehead like me:

I’ll pool all the resulting data in a future post. In the meantime, thanks for responding!

Teams Updates and a Lync Poll
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