We had this question from a new OCS client recently. They were curious as to how OCS takes care of voicemails.

The answer's pretty easy – Exchange handles it. Specifically, its Unified Messaging Server Role. I would write out a step-by-step for this, but…

1,,) I'm going on vacation. (By the time you read this in fact, I'll be on the road!)
2) Someone has already done a great job of writing this up.

The venerable OCSPedia.com has just such a step-by-step article here: How OCS Selects the Exchange UM Server for Voicemail – OCSPedia.com

There's even a handy diagram. I showed our client this page while answering their question. Explanation successful!

See everybody next week. Maybe a new post on SBS Aurora…quite a lot of information coming out about it.

How Does OCS Get Voicemails to Your Inbox?

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