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Today I”m talking about the Attendant Console. Running as a standalone client (like Office Communicator), it acts as OCS 2007”s call reception/transfer centerpiece.

What”s the Attendant Console Do?
Saves you headaches on managing calls, that”s what. The Attendant Console allows someone (usually a receptionist or business office worker) to receive incoming calls. Transfer/forward them to others. Even place them on hold (with music!).

The OCS 2007 Attendant Console

Image courtesy of the Office Communicator Team Blog.

There”s a reason I waited to discuss the Attendant Console after the other 3 OCS components. It”s because all three of them help the Console do its job.

Call Forwarding – What Every Office Needs
As I mentioned before, Call Forwarding is really easy in Office Communicator. The Attendant Console goes the next step by letting one person transfer large call volumes.

Presence – Who”s Available to Take Your Call
One big issue with transferring calls is, you don”t always know the other person is there. Some PBX phones display status with the cheery green button. Some don”t. With the built-in contact list, the Attendant Console displays Presence status just like the Communicator client.

Conversation History – Replace the Note Pad
Calls received and/or transferred in OCS pop up in their own window. Which means you can take notes in the call itself. And those notes are saved in your Conversation History folder!

See the usefulness here? This is one place where “Unified Communications” really applies.

More Features of the Attendant Console

  • One UI screen for handling multiple calls
  • Displays contact list in your own groups, with Presence status
  • Call Recovery
  • Conversation & Contact categories, with subject line
  • Client-side Music on Hold
  • Repeat caller notification

In order for Unified Communications to fully take over the functions available in PBX phone networks, Office Communications Server had to cover those functions itself. The OCS Attendant Console is what takes over main-office call management. And adds its own enhancements, with live notes and Presence status checks. Reception will thank you.

OCS Components: The Attendant Console

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