In recent client discussions, we've observed communications going awry. Our clients, when calling us, start talking immediately upon the line connecting.

Now this is pretty normal. The line connects and you start talking. Pretty basic.

But! Here comes VoIP to make this parade turn down a side street.

We're bringing this up because several of our clients are getting cut off at the start of their conversations. They'll start talking immediately, but the first few words will never reach us. And we'll have to ask them to repeat. Naturally, this gets a little frustrating now & then.

This is one of those little kinks in new technology we have to work past. It happens because the tech is still relatively new, and disparities between data and voice are still being worked out.

Call Routing and Why You Should Be Aware Of It

The thing with VoIP is that it takes a second or two to connect to a regular POTS phone line. This is because the VoIP gateway must route the call between data and voice. Bridging the two networks, essentially. Here's an overview on VoIP gateways from to help explain.

If you're talking during the few seconds while the call is still being routed, those words won't make it through. They vanish. You'll be rambling on in mid-sentence by the time the other person is able to hear you.

Start the Conversation with a Breath

The way to prevent this little communication mishap? Take a breath before speaking. That's all. The amount of time it takes to route a VoIP connection is the same as how long it takes to breathe once.

And since breathing is good for you, it's an easy tip to remember. Relax, breathe, and then say Hi.

Remember: With VoIP, Wait for the Line to Connect Before Talking
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