My Google Alerts sent me a link from The SBS Diva blog. It seems she reblogged on last week's post here:
“More on SBS Aurora Playing Nice With OCS” – The OCS Insider: THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS “DIVA”

First off, thanks for blogging on this! It's great to have other experts weigh in. Susan Bradley reviewed a couple of my points and offered some SBS insight.

One, she mentions that there will be an Aurora migration story. Very good news!

Two, she expresses concern about an Aurora-compatible on-premises OCS setup. I share some of this concern, since we run hosted OCS for clients here at PlanetMagpie. (We do so on Windows Server 2008 servers right now.)

Bradley suggests vendors download the Aurora SDK and try to build an OCS plug-in for it. I do know we have the SDK, but I don't know what progress we've made with it as of yet. An Aurora dashboard plug-in is a stellar idea though – one I'll definitely look into.

I'll put up another short post later today. In the meantime, there's a lot of good posts on The SBS Diva blog. Go check it out if you work with SBS at all. (And if you like geek humor – that “Yoda voiceover for TomTom” video almost made me fall over.)

The SBS Diva Has Spoken!
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