This week’s post is only tangentially related to Lync. It’s not actually about a Lync product. But it is a product which deals with video, and it certainly helps with communication!

PlanetMagpie recently became an Axis Camera partner, to provide video surveillance equipment for one of our major clients. Soon after, we learned of a device that uses an Axis camera in a place you might not expect…but it’s very useful (and pretty darn cool).

I’m talking about – the doorbell.MyIntercom Streaming Doorbell

The device is the MyIntercom.

What’s MyIntercom? Video-Streaming Doorbell + Intercom System, Accessible Anywhere

Here’s how it works: You install a MyIntercom at your front door. It connects to your network via standard Ethernet cable. When someone rings the doorbell, you receive a notification on your phone.

You tap the notification, and a live video stream starts up. You see who’s at the door right on your phone!

You can even push a button and talk to the person like a regular intercom.

Not at home? You’ll still see who it is; the stream comes in over 3G. You can essentially answer your door wherever you are.

(Or check the video & avoid talking to yet another insurance salesman!)

MyIntercom requires nothing except power, a network address and a connection to the Internet. Streaming apps are available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac OS (Windows Phone coming soon).

Answer the Office Door from Your DeskStream who's at the door to your phone!

I know, this isn’t a Lync product. But it’s too awesome not to mention. And besides, you can still use it alongside Lync.

Think about it this way. Lync makes communicating easy from wherever you are. But this is computer to computer, or phone to phone. The front door is neither; we still have to get up & answer it, at the office or at home.

With a product like this, you can automate answering the door! See who’s visiting the office right away. Determine if it’s someone you’re expecting. And notify them that you’re on your way.

All without leaving your desk.

** Full disclosure: We became a MyIntercom partner after using their device. We liked the product that much! **

I tested it myself last week. The video was crisp on my phone, with barely a hint of stream delay.

The MyIntercom device strikes me as a great addition to your Lync-enabled network. In Lync Server, all computers and phones are endpoints – places where you can communicate with someone else, via their preferred endpoint.

This device basically turns the doorbell into another endpoint, through which employees can communicate with visitors.

Visit the MyIntercom FAQ here. Got a question about it, feel free to ask me!

Next week: Training for the new Lync Server 2013 certification exams? I may have some helpful surprises in store. See you then.

Answer the Door From Your Phone: The MyIntercom Live-Streaming Doorbell
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