Admit it – sometimes we just can’t figure out what the heck Lync Server is doing. It’s not behaving and we don’t know why. We need help.

Every Lync administrator should have good documentation & support material around. (Like this blog!) It’s a necessary part of day-to-day practice. And even more crucial when something breaks.

I’d planned to save this post for the last of the “20 Tasks” series. But, a newly-published guide made me decide to go ahead. It’s #1 in the following list, so check it out!

The rest are all resources we’ve used at PlanetMagpie for Lync troubleshooting. These are all excellent places to go for help. Read and enjoy!

1. Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit

Always check the documentation first. And as of yesterday (August 16th), we have brand-new Lync documentation! Download the new Resource Kit here and keep it handy. Yes, Microsoft released the Resource Kit for free! (Thanks to DrRez for the announcement.)

2. Lync Server 2010 TechNet Library

This library has been partially supplanted by the Resource Kit (which is more up-to-date). But the library is broken up into more subtopics, so it’s easier to find helpful material at a glance. Check here while you’re browsing the Resource Kit; you’ll double your chances of running into a solution.

3. Lync Love – Lync Server & Unified Communications Blogs

Check with bloggers. If you’re having a problem, chances are someone else has too. Start with my Lync Love post for some good blog links.

4. Microsoft’s Lync Server Forums

THE forum for Lync (and OCS) questions. Every area of Lync Server has its own section, and hundreds of users sharing information. If you still have a question, ask it here. Chances are you’ll have an answer in no time.

Even a few minutes’ digging will show you how much information is contained within these resources. The Resource Kit alone is over 30MB of documentation!

Do you go someplace else for Lync help? What’s the URL?

Know Where to Go for Help: 20 Tasks Every Lync Administrator Should Know

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