Today I’m able to make a big announcement…I’ve received inside information about a last-minute Skype for Business name change!

I talked to a Microsoft consultant earlier via untraceable cellphone. (He had a weird British accent.) He revealed that Microsoft is aware of people’s frustration with the long name.

I mean, Skype for Business Server 2015? Office 365 Skype for Business? Pretty long. Say them ten times fast and watch co-workers give you funny looks.

With all this in mind, Microsoft has chosen to simplify the naming conventions. We’re very proud to be the first to announce the new names.

  1. The main server product will be: Business Skype (or B.S.).
  2. Office 365 Skype for Business will now be named Business Skype For Users 365 (B.S.U. 365).
  3. The new client will be named All Business Skype (All B.S.).

The insider said that the Business Skype functions haven’t been changed. Just the B.S. name. This way MSPs can communicate the value of B.S. to their customers more easily.

“Talk with co-workers over B.S. all day!”
“Yes, your home Skype will connect to B.S.”
“If you use All B.S., you can call customers or talk with them online. Whichever way you prefer to B.S.”

April Fool!

…In case it’s not obvious yet, APRIL FOOL!

Had to do something when the posting schedule fell on April 1.

Now, if you’re reading this AFTER April Fools’ Day, here’s a bit of more serious news:

Skype for Business Client Rolling Out April 14, Server May 1

What’s new in Skype for Business and how you can take control of updates – Office Blogs

The Skype for Business Team just posted an announcement and an Office Mechanics video.

Skype for Business will roll out on April 14th as an Office 2013 Update. This is the client, whose Technical Preview I raved about last week.

They’ve also given instructions for controlling the update, both for Lync Online and Lync Server 2013. If you’d like to delay Skype for Business rollout – say until you have a Skype for Business Server deployed? – all it takes is some PowerShell cmdlets.

On May 1, the Skype for Busines Server will be released. Definitely looking forward to that one.

(I hope this wasn’t an April Fools’ joke too…)

Check back next week for a serious – VERY serious, certainly – post on Lync/Skype for Business. In the meantime, have a fun April Fools!

Skype for Business Gets New Name
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2 thoughts on “Skype for Business Gets New Name

  • April 24, 2015 at 6:13 am

    Do you have any details on server licensing? I have been told by Microsoft that new server licenses are required for an in-place upgrade from Lync 2013, but that doesn’t sound right to me.

    • April 29, 2015 at 10:37 am

      Thanks for the comment. This is on the list of things to check out next. As soon as I have more information on Skype for Business Server licensing, you’ll see it here.


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