Some of you no doubt saw that the blog was down for a while. I won’t bore you with details…suffice to say we had to rebuild it fresh.

Even that we had to delay a while. Customers come first, which meant we had to let this blog sit a while in order to take care of customers’ IT needs.

Now that the blog’s live again and I’m able to resume posting, I want to ask two questions.

First: This year saw a huge adoption boost for Teams. Skype for Business Online’s sunset arrives in July. As such, Teams takes center stage. I will continue to blog about Skype for Business, as we still have Server 2019. At the same time, moving more focus onto Teams makes sense.

What do you think of such a move for the blog? 

Second: How has your Skype for Business/Teams experience been this year? I’d like to hear how they’ve worked for you in these unique circumstances.

That’s all for now. I’ll have more content coming soon. Until then, please share your thoughts in the comments, and take care!

The Blog is Back – with 2021 Plans

2 thoughts on “The Blog is Back – with 2021 Plans

  • November 18, 2020 at 12:03 am


    Think it’s great to include Teams but we must remember a lot of organisations aren’t ready to drop the stability of S4B and feel like a constant beta tester.

    There’s a lot of lost functionality still by making the transition and the complete lack of insight into infrastructure (since when has the service status ever been up to date at Microsoft) means some customers have delayed adoption of Teams due to issues. My own organisation had plans to migrate to Teams but we’ve pushed it back due to the multiple instances of outages and call quality drops with our morning calls.

    • November 18, 2020 at 8:07 am

      Very much agreed Michael. Thanks for commenting. We need our software to work, time and again, so we’re not constantly aggravated by issues. We still run S4B ourselves, as do several customers, so it’s not going away. Teams and S4B will just have to get along for a while longer.


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