Hello readers! We interrupt your holiday-shopping, end-of-year-system-checks madness for the final Skype for Business Insider post of 2019.

You may have noticed that posting frequency went down this year. That’s due to the indefatigable demon we know as “Lack of Time.” This demon plagued me pretty much every day.

I apologize for the frequency drop. Don’t worry though—I can explain!

2019 Year in Review

2019 was a pretty good year for PlanetMagpie. Our Texas office is growing, we completed several new websites (and have 3 more in the works), and we added several new Support customers.

We expanded the number of services in our cloud data center—mostly related to data security and automated backups for customer accounts. (I don’t need to tell you how much the cyberattack risk has grown this year!)

We even got a new office dog! Meet Homer.

Homer Office Dog

You can see more of him, and the other dogs, over on our Instagram.

Unfortunately, all the activity left us behind on some internal projects…including this blog. It’s not going away! Don’t worry. We still have many topics to address.

Speaking of, let me address the big one. What, in my mind, constitutes the biggest change in the growing Teams ecosystem this year.

The Big 2019 Teams Announcement

We saw something in 2019 that flabbergasted me. I had to check the announcement source three ways to make sure it wasn’t a prank.

It wasn’t. We are getting a Linux client for Teams!

Linux Client for Teams – UserVoice

Now, we’re a Microsoft support shop. Almost all of our customers use Windows machines. The rest use Mac first, and Linux a distant second. Still, I see this as a huge step forward in “Linux on the Desktop” business acceptance.

Besides, I know many of you use Linux and wanted the Teams client. It’s still in beta, but you got it!

What’s Coming in 2020 for the Blog

I have two major goals for this blog next year:

  1. Document the full experience of moving from Skype for Business Server 2015 to Skype for Business Server 2019. We’ve provisioned some resources for this already; just need to fight the Time Demon for the necessary time.
  2. Major updates for existing posts. Some of the popular posts need a little polish. Others need big changes, in light of tech developments since their publication. I don’t plan on removing any how-to posts; people still visit for Lync-related material, so I want them to find what they need.

It looks like we’ll begin to see the “big wave” of Skype for Business-to-Teams migrations next year as well. I’m watching customers for any useful information encountered during migration.

Final Thoughts for the Year (Your Feedback Welcome)

Now, my last & most important item of business. What Skype for Business/Teams-related topics would YOU like us to cover?

Please share your ideas & requests in the comments.

We at PlanetMagpie hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday this year! We’ll see you back here in January, ready to tackle the big 2020.

The Skype for Business Insider Year in Review – 2019 Edition

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